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Pure Desi Ghee Preparations
OUR VISION -> Taking you back in time, reminding you of the authentic taste of 1930`s. Our priority lies in serving the most qualitative products with focus on hygiene and authenticity. Our D.N.A of good taste lies in the homemade blend of spices, carefully selected raw materials and ancient style of coal cooking methods on chullah`s and earthen Handi`s.

The modern world is fast changing and much is emphasized on growth pattern, the increasing demand has made this heritage brand with a legacy of over 80 years, established in 1931 to segment itself into restaurants, dhabha`s and delivery units. The management at kake da hotel believes that their customer loyalty has been high since 1931 mainly due to the consistent good taste offered over the period of last 80 years.

Our Restaurant branch at Panchsheel Enclave invites the food lovers to a tour of heavenly food. A 60 seater restaurant provides you the best of facilities : in-dining, party gathering, formal/informal occasions, home delivery and outdoor catering. Numbers are provided below (contact for details).

One must try our most famous delacacies in the era of gastronomy such as chicken curry, dahi wala meat, brain curry. Our newly introduced innovations such as zeera chicken are not found elsewhere. Our bar-be-que recipes shall offer you the widest and best varities of Indian tandoori delicacies.

Our clients give many testimonials everyday on different websites and portals. Many clients are tech-savy and repeatedly requested for online order placing facility. This is the reason for our endeavour towards this website.

A restaurant delivery chain is currently under process and shall target entire Delhi/Ncr. We are in process to channelize each and every activity in such a way so that the procedures can be made transparent to ensure reliablity with our clients.Our franchise model has been developed and ready to launch throughout India. The long awaited ques and excitement of eating at kake da hotel after long time lapses shall soon be a part of the past as our focus lies in reaching out to all from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari.

Celebrities who visit kake da hotel

PanchSheel Enclave (Head Office)
22-23, DDA Market,
PanchSheel Enclave,
Near Chirag Delhi Flyover.
110 017,
For Home Delivery Call us on
011 41749464, 011 41749474
Oye, itís time to ascend to Butter Chicken heaven. Itís time to feast at Kake Da Hotel Deluxe. Yes, the scrumptious flavours of genuine Mughlai & Punjabi cuisine at this famed eatery will surely transport your taste-buds to paradise. Kake Da Hotel Delux was set up in the 1930s as the first authentic Punjabi dhaba in Delhi and has retained the same delectable tastes all these years making it a rage among die-hard foodies. Now they offer you a tantalizing opportunity to savour their delectable fare at a yummy discount of 40% - pay just Rs 149 for food worth Rs 250. Go ahead and feast on true blue favourites like Zeera Chicken, Dohri Kebab, Corn Kebab, Rara Meat, Murg Makhani and many more treats with even some dishes for vegetarians. With a special emphasis on quality and authenticity, dining at Kake Da Hotel Delux will truly be a celestial experience. Is deal tay Kake da jawaab nahi!
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From Lahore to Connought place to South Delhi, KAKE DA HOTELl has ventured finally into restaurants category, long ques and waiting hours shall be our past, we value time and efforts of our customers. though established in 1931, we are now focused on our expansion serving all types of customer segments. KAKE DA HOTEL DELUX, offers you quality food and a great ambiance to dine in with a bar on the ...anvil... we provide home delivery, organize parties and also have catering facilities. With high focus on customer delight, your meal experience shall be one not experienced before. The owner Ashok Kaka Chopra has his handful recipes in the era of Mughlai gastronomical Cuisine and these recipes shall win your taste buds, make sure to try the signature dish, ZEERA CHICKEN, DOHRI KEBAB, and many other appetizing dishes. Offering you all, the old traditional secret recipes from lahore...we look forward to see you there...
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My dad used to eat here during his Kirori Mal days an excellent lunch of Chicken curry and rotis for Rs 2.50 .......I am not too sure how many times I have been here ( probably bimonthly for the last 25 yrs ...too many times I guess ) this little joint in CP or Connught Place has always been a favourite . Yes I would agree it can be more hygenic from its present state ....but I guess it is primarily because of the small space and the huge groups of people ....who throng it shores everyday ......for the taste of a lifetime ....... HOWEVER IT STILL IS AND WILL BE FOR MANY YEARS NUMERO UNO .... WITH ITS REPUTATION FOR SERVING THE YUMMIEST CHICKEN CURRY IN DELHI . Set up in 1930ís by the grand father of the present day owner it used to be a business run from a Thatched hutment ......till my dadís college days.....when the present day owners decided to give it a modern look .........Situated at 2 levels you can sit upstairs and get away from the hectic activity downstairs ( thatís if you get a place to sit .....usually the wait time on weekends is 1 to 1.5 hrs )....... Mughlai in Delhi cannot be better than this ......yum Food is delicious and extremely rich .......Only Desi Ghee is used and once you taste it there is no need for any proof .......
Source: : RAJAT_SARIN | Sep 08, 2006 07:59 PM
"http://www.mouthshut.com/review/Kake-Da-Hotel-Delhi-review-tltpsuutlm "
I oh-so-totally agree with Deepy. "You have to wait outside for sure" With the countless offices around and the hapless baboos having nothing better to have in this amount of money, you GOT to wait outside, for sure! Today, being Tuesday and the North Indian predicament in messing with the respective Gods' edicts on practicing vegetarianism on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays had this place pretty much available to us. I agree with Emanuela to visit this place at least once to let the dreams shown by your Uncle who used to visit this place with your father in 1980s to die the same black-burnt death as that of the Chicken and lose faith in humanity and NEVER COME again. Warring brothers, none of my problems! Please, GFY and let your father's legacy continue. This place is dying as you may conclude by reading the reviews in a chronological order. Burnt to perfect blackness with liquidish blood inside very hot and bland tandoori-chicken was too much to handle. The Mutton dahi wala came in a very tasty gravy. As did the chicken, in, unarguably, the exact same gravy. That apart, the gravy was heavenly and made me forget the insult that Tandoori Chicken had heaped upon my 12 year old heart. The Naan and the Lachha Paratha was definitely better than that served at other mediocre joints. Out of the 3 we had, only about one 3"x2" piece was totally raw. Rest was nicely cooked. Kaka uncleji stares, hanging from the wall, at you as soon as you enter. Long live, indeed. I am livid and speechless. :-(
Source: : rahul_does